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Our Watch Leads (OWL) is a start-up that participates in the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre, the company is democratizing the access to Satellite Earth Observation Data.

OWL is developing several products that combine Earth Observation Satellite Technology, the Global Navigation Satellite System, advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms. Products that are adding value in several sectors such as Construction, Real Estate, Municipal Governance, Agriculture and Smart Cities

The products are delivered in image files such as JPEG, PNG or PDF, as well as in editable formats 2D CAD, 3D BIM and Geotiff GIS. All products can be purchased in the headline page "Store".

The Team

Pedro Resende

Managing Director - Founding Partner

Eduardo Godinho

Aeronautical Engineer
Founding Partner

Illya Grytsayev

Aeronautical Engineer
Software Development Manager

Danielle Freitas

BIM Manager

The team is made up of Architects and Engineers, qualified to license and detail projects for highly complex constructions, to use artificial intelligence, processing data from satellite technology, thus achieving the proper diagnosis of intervention sites and applying predictive algorithms to evaluate the evolution of a particular property or operation. The data obtained are essential to start work governed by good practices.

OWL is therefore focused on correctly interpreting the context of the intervention area and the customer's expectations. One of the team's secrets is the focus on getting off to a good start:

"Start well to deliver well."


“Our Watch Leads (OWL) stands for a vision that leads the development of smarter territories and cities, greener buildings and neighbourhoods. It also means that this vision is "Ours", in the sense that it is shared between OWL and its suppliers, customers and associates. Our Watch Leads is a vision shared with all the people that identify with and want to join this leadership.”

"OWL's products reduce costs spent in the survey of land properties or buildings, replacing travels and hours spent gathering in-situ information. Users will amplify their technical and commercial reach to any Area of Interest in the world. Intervention sites, previously considered too remote, are now just a click away."


Our Watch Leads – OWL's mission is to democratize the access to Satellite Earth Observation data, enabling users to understand and use this technology and the various concrete assessments that derive from it.

OWL's products allow remote access to various parameters such as topography and soil at risk of collapse, land surface temperature, water in the soil and biodiversity, among others. This is achieved by the satellite assessment of several square kilometers simultaneously, with resolutions of up to 0.30m/pixel, with higher speed and more relevant concrete data, when compared to traditional in-situ survey methods.

This allows users to save time and resources avoiding unnecessary travel, as well as the hours of research and technical meetings with local agents.
These advantages will increase, following the growing trends for remote work or in periods like the current ones, with pandemics or with international conflicts, when mobility is conditioned.

Awards and Recognition


  • Licensing of the first green neighbourhood with an architecture design based on a diagnosis with Satellite Earth Observation Technology, with 207 apartments on a plot of 18,128.00 m2;
  • Gain access to the Metabuilding Program;
  • Gained access to the NEANIAS Program;
  • Interview for Startup Tales from Startup Portugal;
  • Copernicus Masters International Finalist - Bay Wa;
  • OWL presents Satellite Earth Observation in Urban Development at CEES 2021 by Itecons.
  • 1st place at Portuguese Cassini Hackaton;
  • Finalist at International Cassini Hackaton.


  • Gained access to the Startup Voucher Program;
  • Gained access to the Astropreneurs Program;
  • 1st place in Act in Space Portugal;
  • Act in Space International finalist;
  • Gained access to the Go2Space Program;
  • Gained access to the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Portugal Program;
  • Startup Voucher for the company's achievement.

Support & Clients

What our clients say about us

Tipografia Lousanense

“Our watch Leads team was essential when it came to creating a sustainable project. For us, more than a simple residential project, we were looking for innovative solutions that would add value to our enterprise. With the satellite data survey, we managed to make the most of the space and discover the biodiversity of the land, resulting in the presentation of a spectacular water line along the intervention and turning our property into a green neighbourhood, with maximum balance between the environment, the well-being of users and our profitability. The OWL team presented a proposal that exceeded our expectations. Simply brilliant!”

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